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Welcome to Nasim al-kon kids Fashion company

-We at Nasim al-kon,have taken into our account the development of fashion in the world along with a similar development of science,art and taste in models,fabrics and Colors.

-Comparing our company's level with neighbor countries indicates that our

designs and our prices are the best and the most appropriate .

-our of the finest raw Materials and modern accessories makes us proud of our wonderful products of all kinds :

The kit congenital,girlie,skirt, blouse,jeans congenital ,girlie,skirt,pentakor,salubit Pajamas,shirt and


the Eastern touch mixed European flair give our products the superiority,taking in consideration every kid's unique taste. 

Factory: +90 212 637 26 77 Office: +90 212 637 26 78 Mobile +90 212 637 26 79 Mobile +90 212 637 26 80